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The Blessings Of Serving Seniors

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Why we love seniors!

The wittiness and stories

Working with seniors is truly a blessing most don't have the privilege to do. Seniors have the life experience we are just getting started on and have a knowledge you only obtain by going through life and getting that far. The stories they tell are incredible stories you only ever hear glimpses of in school but never really know anyone who went through it all. From concentration camps to the military to the many kids and walking everywhere. It is truly amazing to hear what their lives were like. Wittiness is a huge trait in seniors to. Oh they have some comments and comebacks and jokes that make you roll with laughter!

The love and wisdom

Seniors have a love we can only dream of having. When you have friendships for decades and generations of family members or a life partner of 60 - 80 years you develop a love that only time and trials can produce. You see it in their smiles, laughter and the way they wait on each other. Interacting with seniors is such a rewarding thing. You build relationships, see hardships, watch families navigate through watching their loved ones go downhill, and see how they all light up when they see themselves in a mirror after getting their done. Or even the ones who can't see, you can still sense their confidence in just knowing they received a great service. My decision to start a beauty company just for seniors is the most rewarding thing I have done.

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