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Cancer Outreach

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Fighting Cancer Together

Cancer Feelings

My mother sent a group text that read, I need you guys to come over if possible it is important.

I replied i was busy with three kids and it was too far to just go there with three kids without a better understanding why. she text me saying she wasn't going to talk about it via text and to just come over, I asked if someone was dying or really hurt. She replied it wasn't that serious.

So I called my brother to find out if he was going and he said he was but wasn't sure it was worth it since he saw that text saying it wasn't serious. We made jokes and placed a bet on what we thought she was going to say and he said he would keep me on speaker phone. Honestly I wish she would have been a little more open to what the issue was I would've have actually went. After he got there and dad was home she went on to tell everyone she was just told she has breast cancer. Well, I lost the bet. My brother had guessed it was cancer only because she previously had cancer cells elsewhere that had been removed at that time. Although we had both said we hoped it was something petty knowing who she was. I felt bad I didn't pack up my three kids and show up there but she had said no one was hurt and it wasn't serious so I had taken her at her word.

Over the next couple weeks I found myself extremely stressed as I pushed the reality of it in the back of mind and told everyone I wasn't worried. I knew she would pull through just fine. The sense of you haven't really processed the information yet. But honestly, I kept worrying and thinking How she was going to be and the fact that it runs in my family now I had to get serious and figure out how to be proactive for myself and even my children. The thoughts subconsciously overwhelmed me but I still strong and goofy for her. I am the type that will take your mind off the issues if we cant just solve them. My best friend gladly chimed in on our future conversations and we all made jokes about wigs and if any of us had to cut our hoo hoos off how we would all just go get implants and make them big. Hey, if we have to go through it we may as well have some fun with it right?!

Previously I had always wanted to partner with St. Jude and give free services to children battling cancer. But after that conversation I had decided for sure I was on a mission to stand and fight the battle of cancer however I could. That is when I started my Cancer Outreach Program. Our program partners with whoever we can in order to offer free haircuts, shaves and discounted wig services to anyone battling cancer. Men, Women and kids.

Soon after this the door opened. I found out one of my clients has breast cancer and it's the third time. Then about two weeks later a new lady called me and I found out she has stage four cancer she's been battling for four years. So now I offer free services to her. It is funny how things work out.

We cant wait to share more about our journeys partnering with people!

What we do?

BC Salons is on a mission to stand up and fight cancer by your side. We partner with cancer hospitals, programs and people fighting cancer by donating and giving free cuts and shaves and free wig services. My mother is currently in the fight and my grandmother and other family members have fought the cancer battle so I understand how imperative it is to have someone by your side and have hope. We at BC Salons are here for you and will walk with you through the battle, whether and ear to listen, support while getting that haircut or shave, or finding other ways to partner with you. We're asking you to partner with us to. If your a facility that works with people battling cancer please spread our word to them so we can help. If your the one battling reach our to us, that's what we are here for.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Send us a message on how you want to help or how we can help you!

  2. Sit back relax and we will get back to you asap!

  3. You can email us at or call us at 651-238-4500 to find out more!

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