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Grace Upon Grace

Our favorite Client

Shhhhh....There's not supposed to be favorites.

Grace - Grace is when someone does something they shouldn't have and you show love and forgiveness anyway. Grace is an incredible miracle because when your given grace it naturally makes you want to be a better person.

Grace was one of our weekly clients. She was a senior with beautiful white hair, she was in a wheel chair, couldn't see and an escort brought her to and from the salon each week. Grace was a person you could only hope to be. She lit up the room and made you feel like you were the smartest most talented person on earth and was always affirming people. She was full of joy, carefreeness and life. When we would do her hair she would hold the shampoo tray string so we could wash her hair and then we would dry and curl her hair back out of her face all the while conversing. She would always tell us what a wonderful job we did and she knew she looked fabulous. She always asked us how we were and our kids and life. She loved dogs to. Her stories had you laughing and leaning in for more.

Grace couldn't see but she made you think she could. She made you look at life differently, made you think no matter what you were going through it's ok. That even if you cant walk, cant see, cant do anything because you cant walk or see and someone has to bring you everywhere that life is still beautiful. It is all about our perceptions on life, our circumstances. Everything has beauty in it, everything has light, life and has a positive view. Everything can be good. We just have to choose to see it.

Grace was just the person we all would love to be. After all she was just that. Grace.

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