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A Husbands Love

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

How the love of a husband for his late wife can sweeten your soul

Doing Hair is not always what it seems.

Seemingly Grumpy

A husband of one of the ladies I used to do called to schedule an appointment according to the voicemail I just heard. I called him back but he didn't answer so I left a message. This was all on Wednesday. Thursday he came into the salon and said he wanted to schedule and appointment but couldn't get a hold of anyone. I let him know I had received his call and left him a message that same day. Grumpily he said he wasn't home and started to walk away. I said Sir did you want to schedule your appointment? He said yes and then did. We scheduled it for the following day. The next day he missed his time but happened to come in later on when I was between clients. He came and said well I missed my time I'm sorry. Luckily I wasn't between clients and had enough time to squeeze him in (I believe it was Gods orchestrating.) He sat down in the salon chair and I put the cape on him. We conversed while I cut his hair. Then we got on the topic of his late wife and he started talking about how it was really bad. They went to the hospital and she just couldn't breathe she was gasping for air and there were two nurses but he said she needs a doctor now. The doctor came and told him to keep talking to her because she would be gone in about 20 minutes. (My heart just broke for him in that moment. Can you imagine?) I said she was really a sweet lady. He became very silent and just kind of froze for a moment. I looked at him and became a little concerned. Then he reached out and grabbed my hand, got up out of the salon chair and I could see the tears and sorrow in his eyes. Then saying "I miss her" he just hugged me with the saddest hug I have ever gotten. Choking back my own tears, I hugged him back with a big squeeze and told him I know and I was sorry.

Seeing that love from a man was just amazing. An older gentleman who just a day before seemed so grumpy. Well now I understand why. He misses his wife and is just heartbroken. It is a reminder that we don't know what someone else is going through and just being kind usually allows us to figure out why. The lessons we are reminded of each day through little moments and experiences really makes a difference. While we as stylists think we are supposed to make a difference in the lives we serve we forget how much of a difference the ones we serve make in our lives. I had no idea I would be getting hugged from a husband of a late wife that day or that I would see a husband cry. Just think though. Think how God orchestrates things, maybe he didn't have anyone he could share his feelings with or hug. Maybe that was just the moment that he needed to feel a bit of relief. And to think God allowed me to be that person in that moment that day for that persons need. How amazing.

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