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Alzheimer's, Dementia and Sundowning.

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

It isn't always cheerful working with seniors but there's always things to learn.

Our memory care clients have a variety of memory issues. It is important to understand them to ensure the best care of our clients. Sometimes it's funny only because they are so cute, sometimes it is very hard because it isn't cute.

Some clients ask the same four questions throughout the whole service. One clients questions are, Is it Sunday? How long have you been doing this? You sure know what your doing! Do your hands hurt? Lol she is a doll!

Another client that I have watched develop memory issues asks, how many kids I have, there ages and what service she is getting. It has been hard to watch especially knowing her wonderful daughter has a hard time with it to. Her daughter and I were texting about her next service and out of the blue she text, "Oh Lia her short term memory is gone!" In that moment I had the empathy of what she must be feeling and I reassured her that even so she is still a sweet funny lady and offered for her to come sit in the shop when she was waiting for her mom.

Other clients are not so happy. I have experienced some scary ones that kind of break your heart. Ones that deal with fear and lash out. It is so sad to see these because, I mean, imagine what they must be going through. It is easy to talk about the happy times but we should also shed light on the not as happy times we deal with. These clients deserve all the care we can give. Caring for seniors isn't always easy but let be real what is? But it is rewarding. It is rewarding answering the same three questions repeatedly for 30 minutes and see them smile the whole time and laugh because they sometimes realize they've asked more than once, it is rewarding to have a staff help get a clients hair washed that is fearful and doesn't understand what is going on in reality versus their mind. It is rewarding to listen to a client talk about scary things that aren't really real or get situations mixed up but be able to just listen and be a calming presence. No matter the client it is rewarding and that is what makes BC Salons mission real.

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